Group leadership

Established academics who hold a permanent position at one of the CAS partner institutions may apply for a position as group leader for one year.  

Unlike most other Centres for Advanced Study, CAS does not invite individual fellows to undertake their own projects. At CAS, scholars work in groups.

A strong international network is a prerequisite for an applicant to be considered for a position as a group leader.

Research group membership

The group leader invites outstanding international and Norwegian scholars to join a research group.

Planning for the research year

CAS recruits research groups two years in advance of each academic year. In other words, group leaders are actively involved in the planning stage for a two-year period before they arrive at CAS.

Evaluation of project proposals

The project proposals undergo a thorough evaluation process, including international peer review.

The following provides an overview of the application and evaluation process, including approximate deadline dates.

Please note: this application and evaluation process was revised in 2015.

Round one: Brief project outline

October: The application process opens. Announcements are published online and in newspapers.

Group leader candidates must hold a permanent academic position at one of the CAS partner institutions. In accordance with the CAS partner agreements, group leaders qualify for an additional sabbatical year when undertaking a year of research here. For this reason, applicants must inform their institute when applying to CAS.

Applicants are asked to submit a brief project proposal.

  • The initial proposal explains the academic merit of the project in a clear and concise manner. The audience for the proposal is a board constituting renowned researchers from a range of disciplines—not necessarily having expertise in the field of each proposal.
  • The proposal briefly outlines what a year at CAS specifically would add to the project and its research aims.
  • Applicants should attach a CV, demonstrating their academic achievements and experience, plus any previous experience as leader of an academic group.

January: Deadline for submitting brief project proposals (January 16, 2017).

Round two: Complete project outline

February: In February, the CAS board selects a number of project proposals to go forward to round two of the evaluation process.

Applicants now submit complete project outlines, which should be aimed at experts in their respective fields.

  • Outlines should include the names of suitable international and Norwegian scholars who have agreed to commit to an extensive stay at CAS.
  • An international appeal is a prerequisite for a research group to be considered further. This implies that the group must be made up of eminent internationally published scholars. The group must also consist of up to two promising postdoctoral scholars or PhD students.
  • The final outline should include a list of prominent members of the proposed group, who at this point should be contacted and must provide CVs and letters of intent.
  • Round two includes a thorough international peer review process. Each proposal is evaluated by at least three experts. The applicants will be informed in advance of the detailed evaluation criteria to be used, focusing on academic quality and merit.

April: Deadline for submitting complete project outlines for a second evaluation, which includes international peer review.

September: The process is finalised and three groups are selected to spend a year researching at CAS.

All applicants will be informed of the outcome at the end of this process.