Day-to-day, CAS is managed by a scientific director with an administrative team of four permanent staff members.

The administration facilitates all practical matters for researchers and is a vital part of the unique CAS service, which enables academics to focus exclusively on their research.

Accommodation, seminars, IT, and library services are managed by the CAS administration team. Lunch is organised daily by CAS to maintain an open social environment.

For all general enquiries, please contact us at:

Professor Vigdis Broch-Due
Scientific Director                                                                                                       

Maria Sætre
Office Manager
Phone: +47 22 12 25 02

Rune Flaten
Phone: +47 22 12 25 11

Carl Fredrik Schou Straumsheim
Communications Adviser
Phone: +47 930 222 70

Oda Melina Sæthren Joramo
Higher Executive Officer
Phone: +47 22 12 25 00

Camilla Kottum Elmar
Higher Executive Officer
Phone: +47 22 12 25 00

Karoline Kvellestad Isaksen
Higher Executive Officer
(on leave until 30 March 2018)