The Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) partners with Norwegian universities, university colleges and research institutes to further fundamental research. The partnerships, which last for five years and may be renewed, are structured to benefit CAS, the institutions, and the researchers themselves: 

  • Faculty members who hold permanent research positions at CAS' partner institutions are granted sabbatical leave by their home institution during their stay
  • Partner institutions earn publication points for research published during or after a stay at CAS

Partner institutions

Center for International Climate and Environmental Research Oslo (CICERO)

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (HINN)

Norwegian Business School (BI)

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)

Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society (MF)

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet)

Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

University of Agder (UiA)

University of Bergen (UiB)

University of Oslo (UiO)

University of Stavanger (UiS)



Our Network

CAS is part of the Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study (NetIAS).

While not a part of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA), CAS shares a common history and enjoys a strong bond with the organisation.


The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA)

DNVA founded CAS in 1989, and we continue to work closely together.

DNVA was founded in 1857. It is a learned society whose main purpose is to support the advancement of science and scholarship in Norway. The Academy acts as a national contact body both within the individual scientific disciplines and between these, and represents Norwegian science vis-à-vis foreign academies and other international scientific organisations. The Academy initiates, sponsors and organises meetings and conferences, awards scientific prizes. It is also engaged in science advice.

DNVA participates in the selection of the CAS Board of Directors, and its Secretary General participates as an observer during board meetings.

CAS is located on the third and basement floors of DNVA.

For further information, please visit the DNVA website >


Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study (NetIAS)

NetIAS was established in 2004, and comprises 25 Institutes of Advanced Study across Europe.

NetIAS was created to enhance dialogue on pratices and enable cooperation between Institutes. The potential is great: members of the network host more than 500 researchers each year. 

NetIAS organisations share the objective of creating international and interdisciplinary research communities, while offering a considerable diversity in terms of fellowship conditions: individual or collective fellowships; invitations or open calls for applications; one academic year residencies or shorter periods.

For further information, please visit the NetIAS website >