During the period 2004-2010, CAS published a series of booklets entitled Interdisciplinary Communications.

The idea was to encourage communication among researchers from different research communities and across disciplinary boundaries. The articles were contributed by the fellows at the Centre.

Willy Østreng (ed): Transference. Interdisciplinary Communications 2008/2009,
Centre for Advanced Study, Oslo, January 2010.
(Internet publication)

ISBN: 978-82-996367-7-3
ISSN: 0809-8735

Table of Contents:

Willy Østreng (ed): Confluence. Interdisciplinary Communications 2007/2008, Centre for Advanced Study, Oslo, February 2009, 136 pages.

ISBN: 978-82-996367-6-6
ISSN: 0809-8735

Willy Østreng (ed): Complexity. Interdisciplinary Communications 2006/2007, Centre for Advanced Study, Oslo, January 2008, 144 pages.

ISBN: 978-82-996367-5-9
ISSN: 0809-8735

Willy Østreng (ed): Consilience. Interdisciplinary Communications 2005/2006, Centre for Advanced Study, Oslo, January 2007, 144 pages.

ISBN: 978-82-996367-4-2
ISSN: 0809-8735

Willy Østreng (ed): Convergence. Interdisciplinary Communications 2004/2005, Centre for Advanced Study, Oslo, December 2005, 178 pages.

ISBN: 82-996367-3-6
ISSN: 0809-8735

Willy Østreng (ed): Synergies. Interdisciplinary Communications 2003/2004, Centre for Advanced Study, Oslo, January 2005, 112 pages.

ISBN: 82-996367-2-8
ISSN: 0809-8735