• October

    Application Process Begins

    The yearly application process starts. Researchers at any of CAS' partner institutions can apply as a group leader and send in reserach project proposals.

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  • January
    Illustration of a Project proposal

    Application 1

    The initial application must include a brief project proposal and a short version of the application's CV. The deadline is set to January.

  • February

    Evaluation and Selection

    The CAS Board decides which project proposals will continue to the second round of the application process.

    CAS evaluates and selects which applications to go on with.
  • April
    Project proposal documents

    Application 2

    The second application must include: a complete description of the project; a complete CV; a letter of intent and a brief CV of four core members. The deadline is set to April.

  • May

    International Peer Review

    Three referees per project proposal evaluate the applications in an international peer review.

    Refeeres evaluate the applications by filling out a web form on CAS.
  • September

    Final Selection

    Based on the thorough evaluation, the CAS Board selects three group projects, one from each CAS category, to send a year at CAS.

    The final selection where three groups have been chosen by CAS