Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Announcing the CAS projects 2022/23: from influenza to peace-and-conflict, and algebra

For the first time, two of the project leaders come from our newest member institutions: OsloMet and PRIO. One of the projects is hyper-relevant for the Corona situation. These projects were elected to come to CAS in 2022/23

A Different Autumn at CAS

We are happy to welcome the new projects to CAS this autumn, although activities will be restricted due to the ongoing pandemic. We have taken steps to ensure that the Centre is a safe place for our researchers and administration, and we have facilitated digital participation for those who cannot be there physically. As the pandemic caused the Centre to shut down during the spring semester, CAS has extended the timeframe for the 2019/2020 projects. That is why CAS is currently having six active projects on its hands, although only the 2020/2021 projects will be present at the Centre.