Upcoming webinars:


Andrew S. Jacobs

Gospel Thrillers: Unruly Knowledge in a Fictional Archive




Past webinars:

Kim Haines-Eitzen

A Mother in Roaring Flames: A Phenomenological Reading of a Late Ancient Monastic Story

Chair: Marianne Bjelland Kartzow & Esther Brownsmith


Årstein Justnes, Marianne B. Kartzow, Karen King & Seth Sanders

Books and Rumors of Books

Chair: Liv Ingeborg Lied


David Frankfurter, Greg Given, Tommy Wasserman & Benjamin G. Wright III

Unsent Letters

Chair: Anna Rebecca Solevåg


Kim Haines-Eitzen, Andrew Jacobs, Daniel Picus & Blossom Stefaniw

Archives and Desires for the Past

Chair: Esther Brownsmith


Francis Borchardt, AnneMarie Luijendijk & Annette Y. Reed

Absent Books: Lost, Burned, Dumped

Chair: Eva Mroczek


Mika Ahuvia, Esther Brownsmith, Elizabeth Castelli & Ismo Dunderberg

Gendered Book and Reading Cultures

Chair: Marianne B. Kartzow


Jeremiah Coogan, Liv Ingeborg Lied, Sabine Schmidtke & Anna Rebecca Solevåg

Book Lists

Chair: Årstein Justnes


Sasson Chahanovich, Christian Bull, Dylan Burns, Nils H. Korsvoll & Hanna Tervanotko

Esoteric Knowledge: Astronomy, Alchemy and Hermetica

Chair: Hugo Lundhaug


Ellen Muehlberger, Blossom Stefaniw & Jacqueline Vayntrub

Moving Knowledge: Transmission, Genealogies and Disruptions

Chair: Matthew P. Monger


Eva Mroczek

Where are the Books of Job’s Daughters? Mapping the Shadow Libraries of Antiquity

Chair: Liv Ingeborg Lied