DNVA was founded in 1857. It is a nationwide non-governmental body that seeks to advance scholarship in Norway through initiating and supporting research, sponsoring meetings and conferences, awarding scientific prizes, contributing to academic policy, and by acting in the best interests of scholarship.

DNVA takes part in the selection of the CAS board. Its Secretary General participates as an observer of the board meetings. CAS uses DNVA premises when arranging larger conferences and events.

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More than 150 years of research advancement

The Academy is an interdisciplinary forum serving not only its members but also, more broadly, the academic sector as a whole. It arranges public lectures and monthly meetings on scholarly topics.

The Academy’s two divisions—Mathematics/Natural Sciences and Humanities/Social Sciences—employ up to 130 and 110 Norwegian members respectively. There are also some members from other countries.

Membership of the Academy is awarded by election. A seat becomes vacant when a member dies or reaches the age of seventy. On January 1, 2012, the Academy had 482 Norwegian and 398 members from other countries, of whom 130 were women.

The Abel Prize, the Kavli Prize, and the Fridtjof Nansen Award

The Abel Prize for mathematics is awarded annually by the Academy. The award is based on the recommendation of an international committee of prominent mathematicians.

The Academy also awards the Kavli Prize, which is in fact three prizes, for groundbreaking work in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience, and neuroscience.

The Nansen Foundation is closely linked to the Academy. Each year the annual meeting of the Academy awards the Fridtjof Nansen Award for excellence in research to two outstanding Norwegian scholars, and a special Nansen Award for young scholars.

The Young Academy of Norway

In 2015, DNVA established the Young Academy of Norway: an interdisciplinary organisation for young researchers, dedicated to research policy and dissemination. CAS is intrigued by this exciting new concept that encourages our aspiring researchers of the future.