The information provided below applies for CAS fellows specifically and does not necessarily apply for accompanying family members. If you have questions regarding immigration, please contact The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) directly: link to online contact form.

Visits lasting less than three months

If your stay is for less than three months, you are not required to apply for a visitor’s visa or residence permit, and you do not need to register after arrival.

Registration with the Norwegian Immigration Authorities (UDI) is only required for visits exceeding three months

If your stay exceeds three months, you can travel to Norway and start work at CAS. However, you must register with the Norwegian Immigration Authority (UDI) within the first three months of your stay. You can create an account at the UDI website, fill out the registration form, and book an appointment. This appointment will take place at the Oslo Police District. Please bring the following:

  • your application form 
  • a valid national identity card or passport
  • documentation showing that you have enough money to support yourself and your family (proof of salary, pensions, or savings) 
  • private health insurance or European Health Insurance card

Please note that if you are bringing family members to Norway, you must all register at the same time.

Reporting a move to Norway (only required for visits exceeding six months)

If your stay in Norway exceeds six months, you will need to report your move to Norway as soon as you receive your residence permit. You will then receive a ‘personnummer’—a Norwegian ID number. In order to report your relocation to Norway, please visit the Service Centre for Foreign Workers, located at Schweigaards gate 17, as soon as possible after arrival in Norway. 

At the Service Centre you should take a numbered ticket for the queue, and while you wait you can fill out the form ‘Report move to Norway’. Ask staff to send your Norwegian ID number to the CAS address (Drammensveien 78, Oslo); please ensure your mailbox at your new residence is clearly marked with your full name. Please note that if you are bringing family members to Norway, all of them must be present at the Service Centre for Foreign Workers for an ID check. Remember to take your passport, residence permit, the formal written invitation letter from CAS (which specifies the purpose and period of your stay; it also serves as documentation that you will have accommodation during your stay). For more information, please visit the Tax Administration webpage