Although we often think of things thrown, weathered, destroyed and forgotten as unwanted "garbage", they say more about our lives than we may realize. The plastic bag plunged up to the sandy beach, the lighter in the grass, the broken china in the woods and the fishing net on the dock tell stories: Stories of past and present, and about our motivation to act. They tell stories of values ​​and neglect, and perhaps also something about our reluctance to understand our responsibility for our planet, nature and climate?

Therefore, abandoned and rejected things should not be considered as trash, but as objects of archaeological value. At least, that is what a former research group at CAS wants to argue.

At Forskningstorget, CAS Oslo's booth will show an exhibition of things that has lost its original value. Here you will be able to see what happens to objects after lying out in nature for a long time, and you can learn how the stories of things are used in research.

Come and talk to us about things, stories and basic research!