Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

CAS project kick-off: MultiGender

Clarion Collection Hotel Gabelshus
  • (23 May)
  • (24 May)

Project leaders Terje Lohndal and Marit Westergaard give their CAS project a head start by organizing a two-day kick-off seminar in May.

During the seminar, the fellows participating in the CAS project MultiGender: A Multilingual Approach to Grammatical Gender will introduce their work, and discuss their plans and goals for their stay at CAS. 

For invited guests only.


Thursday 23 May:

09.00 - TERJE LOHNDAL & MARIT WESTERGAARD: Opening Words from the Project Leaders

10.00 - BREAK

10.30 - GREVILLE G. CORBETT, MICHAEL FRANJIE & ALEXANDRA GRANDISON: The Origin and Nature of Gender: A Psycholinguistic Perspective

11.00 - YULIA RODINA: Grammatical Gender Processing in Russian Second Language Learners of Norwegian

11.15 - HOLGER HOPP: Extracting Gender from the Input

11.30 - MONIKA SCHMID: What (if Anything) Happens to Grammatical Gender in First Language Attrition?

12.00 - LUNCH

13:15 - ARTEMIS ALEXIADOU: Nominal Morphology in Language Mixing

13.45 - OLGA UREK: The Role of Probabilistic Phonological Cues in Gender Assignment to Novel Nouns

14.00 - NATASCHA MÜLLER: The Locus of Gender in French

14.30 - BREAK

15.00 - TOR A. ÅFARLI: On the Structural Location of Gender in the Nominal Spine

15.15 - BJÖRN LUNDQUIST: Implementing the Elsewhere Condition via Underspecification or Overspecification: Evidence from Variation and Processing of Gender Markers in Germanic



Friday 24 May

11.00 - HANS-OLAV ENGER: What is so Strange About Gender?

11.15 - INGRID MARIE HEIENE: Inflection Classes and Gender in Old Norse vs. Middle and Modern Norwegian

11.30 - GURO BUSTERUD: Grammatical Gender in the Oslo Dialect: Proposal for a Study

11.45 - JANNE BONDI JOHANNESSEN: Gender in Urban Oslo

12.00 - SIGRIDUR MJÖLL BJÖRNSDOTTIR: Children's Gender Assignment Wizardry: Experimental Findings from Icelandic

12.15 - LUNCH

13.30 - VISIT CAS

15.00 - NATALIA MITROFANOVA: Interaction of Gender and Case in the Acquisition of Heritage Russian

15.15 - TANJA KUPISCH, NATALIA MITROFANOVA & MARIT WESTERGAARD: The Aquisition of Gender Cues in German-Russian Bilingual Children

15.45 - MERETE ANDERSSEN: Two Short Stories: Gender in Recursive Indefinite Articles in a Norwegian Dialect and in the Language of a Norwegian Dominant Bilingual Child in English Speaking Contexts

16.00 - IRINA SEKERINA: Experimental Perspectives on Acquisition of Gender: Corpus, Heritage Language Bilingualism, and Typology

16.30 - MARIA POLINSKY: Some Puzzles in Agreement and Concord


20.00 - DINNER