The CAS research group Ethics in Antiquity: The Quest for the Good Life had a final Conference of the research project at the Norwegian Institute in Rome in June. This was entirely internal to the project group with the exception of Prof. Sarah Broadie (University of St. Andrews), who in fact had been a tentative member of the group. The following presented papers:

  • Sarah Broadie: Truth and story in Plato‘s Timaeus-Critias
  • Panagiotis Dimas: “Wanting to do what is just” in the Gorgias
  • Øyvind Rabbås: Eudaimonia and normativity
  • Hallvard Fossheim: Aristotle on old age and happiness
  • Spyros Benetatos: How can human beings be good for each other in Aristotle’s ethics?
  • Gabriel Richardson Lear: Leisure in Aristotle's Politics
  • Gösta Grönroos: Why isn‘t Aristotle‘s vicious person happy?
  • Håvard Løkke: Håvard Løkke: Strength of mind in early Stoicism
  • Miira Tuominen: Why do we need other people to be happy? Sociability and other-regard in late ancient ethics