The CAS project After Discourse: Things, Archaeology, and Heritage in the 21st Century has invited Dr Tim Flohr Sørensen to lead the seminar "Absence Adds Nothing: Exploring absence beyond the presentist bias".

About Tim Flohr Sørensen

Tim Flohr Sørensen is Assistant professor at the Department of Archaeology, The Saxo Institute, at the University of Copenhagen. 

Tim’s research has been centered on the architecture of cemeteries, focusing on the Early and Middle Neolithic and the study of megalithic burial monuments; on burial mounds and cremation in the Early Bronze Age; and on burial, cemeteries and mortuary architecture in the recent past (since 1850) and in particular in contemporary society. This has included research topics such as time and temporality, absence, movement, the senses, emotion, affect and atmosphere.

More recently, his work has focused on processes of ruination, removal, disappearance and dissolution in an architectural perspective, bridging theoretical perspectives from the disposal of human being with the management of decaying houses.

His publications include the first Danish textbook on materiality studies (Materialitet - en indføring i kultur, identitet og teknologi with Mikkel Bille, Forlaget Samfundslitteratur 2012), An Anthropology of Absence: Materializations of Transcendence and Loss (edited with Mikkel Bille and Frida Hastrup, Springer 2010), Elements of Architecture: Archaeology, atmosphere and the performance of building spaces (edited with Mikkel Bille, Routledge 2016) and Materialities of Passing: Explorations in transformation, transition and transience (edited with Peter Bjerregaard and Anders Emil Rasmussen, Routledge 2016) in addition to numerous articles and book chapters.

Open to all

The seminar is open to all interested.