Graphonomy is one of the less thoroughly examined linguistic aspects of runes, although it is critical to the system of transliteration, i.e. the representation of runes with Latin letters, one of the major areas of debate among runologists. A full‐day workshop was held on 17 February 2014 with speakers invited to discuss runic graphonomy with the CAS fellows. Palumbo was organiser of the workshop. The programme was as follows:

  • Williams, CAS: “CAS project’s grapheme definition”
  • Michelle Waldispühl, University of Zürich: “‘Grapheme’ and ‘allograph’ in the context of a bilateral model for graphemic analysis”
  • Lasse Mårtensson, Gävle University College: “Graphonomy and runes”
  • Källström, CAS: “Establishing graph‐types in early Viking Age runic inscriptions: What features are of interest?”
  • Palumbo, CAS: “Establishing graph‐types and graph‐type variants in Swedish medieval runic inscriptions”
  • Michelle Waldispühl: “How dependent is a rune? Transliteration revisited”
  • Gaby Waxenberger, University of Munich: “The Old English futhorc in the light of a graphonomical framework”
  • Terje Spurkland, University of Oslo: “Special graph‐types and diacritics”
  • Jonas Nordby, University of Oslo: “Graphonomy and cryptic runes”

Arranged by Alessandro Palumbo of the CAS research project Reading and interpreting runic inscriptions: the theory and method of runology