In late August, the CAS research project, Climate effects on harvested large mammal populations,  visited the field station at Tackåsen, Dalarna, Sweden - the head quarters of the Scandinavian Bear Project's field work.

Dalarna is home to about 300 bears, and many of them resides in the forest around Tackåsen. Together with field supervisor Sven Brunberg, the group visited the area of study.


Sven Brunberg, field supervisor
Professor Atle Mysterud, UiO, CAS group leader
Professor Jon Swenson, NMBU, CAS group leader
Professor Tim Coulson, University of Oxford, CAS fellow
Professor Joel Berger, University of Montana
Richard Bischof, NMBU, CAS fellow
Christophe Bonenfant, Lyon University, CAS fellow
Aurelie Cohas, Lyon University, CAS fellow
Inger-Maren Rivrud, PhD student, UiO, CAS fellow
Anne Hertel, PhD student, NMBU
Gro Kvelprud Moen, PhD student, NMBU