Final CAS Cruise Meeting for the Mantle Dynamics: Linking Surface and Deep processes CAS research group.

Lectures by CAS Fellows and short‐term visitors:

  • Trond Torsvik: "Introduction"
  • Carmen Gaina: "Innovations in Relative Plate Circuits/Paleo‐age grids"
  • Pavel Doubrovine: "Hotspot and Absolute Plate Motions"
  • Douwe van Hinsbergen: "Subduction/Slab‐fitting Reference Frame"
  • Dietmar Müller: "Potential of using geodynamics models for testing subduction reference frames"
  • Rob Van der Voo: "The geometry of Pangea"
  • Matt Domeier: "New Permo‐Carboniferous Data"
  • Reidar Trønnes: "Deep Earth and core‐mantle lithosphere interactions"
  • Mike Walters: "Deep Mantle Recycling as Revealed in Diamonds and their Inclusions"
  • John Brodholt: "The Composition of the Core, the Origin of LLSVPs and the Fate of Subducted Crust"
  • Trond Torsvik: "LLSVP stability before Pangea"
  • Stephanie Werner: "Beyond Earth"