The CAS research project Several Complex Variables and Complex Dynamics led by Professor Berit Stensønes and Professor Erlend Fornæss Wold has invited Riccardo Ugolini to hold a talk during the research group's weekly Thursday seminar.


Ugolini has outlined the following abstract:

We consider the problem of interpolating a holomorphic family of nondegenerate holomorphic jets on Cn for n > 1, parametrized by points in a Stein manifold, by a holomorphic family of automorphisms of Cn. We use the solution to the Vaserstein problem to characterize the families for which this is possible, hence generalizing results of Forstneric and Varolin about non-parametric jet interpolation by automorphisms. We further discuss possible generalizations, including an abstraction of the Vaserstein problem which arises in the study of parametric jet interpolation by automorphisms on complex manifolds with the density property.

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This is an open event. Please email if you want to attend.