Professors Erlend Fornæss Wold and Berit Stensønes lead the 2016/2017 CAS research project Several Complex Variables and Complex Dynamics. Thursday 24 November Fornæss Wold will give the lecture 'Totally real submanifolds of C^n with polynomial hulls without complex structure' at CAS. The seminar is open to all interested. 


A recent result by Izzo-Stout is that any compact smooth surface, embeds into C^3 as a totally real manifold with a nontrivial polynomial hull without complex structure. Their proof is very technical and heavy with computations, and it seems hard to generalise to higher dimensions.  The purpose of the talk is to explain how their result is a consequence of a general perturbation result for totally real manifolds, and this generalises immediately to all dimensions. This is joint work with L. Arosio.