Seminar at Kongsberg entitled arranged by CAS research project Mantle Dynamics: Linking Surface and Deep processes and PGP (University of Oslo).

Lectures by CAS Fellows:

  • Trond Torsvik: "Perfect World: Absolute plate motions for the past 550 million years"
  • Rob Van der Voo: "Geometric signatures of continental movements during supercontinent assembly and dispersal"
  • Clint Conrad: "50 Years of plate Tectonics, but what is the Driving Force?"
  • John Brodholt: "Transport properties from first principles: implications for the lower mantle and D''
  • Susanne Buiter: "Could the mantle cause subsidence of the Congo Basin?"
  • Carmen Gaina: "Paleocene/eocene catastraophic events recorded by oceanic basin and global Implications"
  • Stephanie C. Werner: "Distribution of volcanism, topographic and geoid highs on terrestrial bodies: A comparison"