Symposium arranged by the CAS research project Mantle Dynamics: Linking Surface and Deep processes.

Lectures by CAS Fellows:

  • Reidar G. Trønnes: "Composition, mineral physics and origin of thermochemical piles in the D" zone"
  • Rob Van der Voo and Trond H Torsvik: "Linking surface and deep processes in the Paleozoic"
  • Stephanie C. Werner and Kevin Burke: "Distribution of volcanism, topographic and geoid highs on terrestrial bodies: A comparison" (solicited)
  • Bernhard Steinberger and Trond H. Torsvik: "A geodynamic model of plumes from the margins of Large Low Shear Velocity Provinces" (solicited)
  • Clinton Conrad, Bernhard Steinberger, and Trond Torsvik: "Past Mantle Dynamics Revealed by Net Characteristics of Surface Plate Motions"
  • Carmen Gaina, Trond H. Torsvik, Steven Cande, Marcel Croon, and Pavel V. Dubrovine: "Global Plate Circuits at Paleocene‐Eocene time"
  • Nick J. Kusznir and Trond H. Torsvik: "A Lithospheric Attractor of Mantle Plume Volcanism in the NW Indian Ocean"