Harmonic Analysis Days in Marseille, France, organized by A. Borichev, Yu. Lyubarskii from the CAS research project Operator Related Function Theory and Time-Frequency Analysis and F. Wielonsky, and E. H.Youssfi.

This short workshop was devoted to problems in harmonic analysis that are closely related to operator related function theory. In this area, the core team of the CAS program collaborates closely with groups in Marseille and Bordeaux. The main purpose of the workshop was to present a survey of recent projects of collaboration and to discuss future lines of research.

Speakers: Laurent Baratchart (Sophia‐Antipolis), Aline Bonami (Orléans), Friedrich Haslinger (Vienna), Sergei Kislyakov (St. Petersburg), Yuri Lyubarskii (Trondheim), Eugenia Malinnikova (Trondheim), Nikolai Nikolski (Bordeaux), Hervé Queffélec (Lille)

The meeting was in part supported by the Research Council of France through the project Frames and Bases.