For invited participants only.


The meeting will examine computational approaches to longitudinal human microbiome studies in connection to the Young CAS Fellow project of Veronika K. Pettersen.

AIMS: the meeting will seed potential research proposals and publications (a microbiome study protocol, a review).




Veronika K. Pettersen, UiT The Arctic University of Norway: Welcome, on Project – Infant Gut Microbiome Acquisition: Off to a Healthy Start and other projects

Participants intro presentations about the broader scope of their research (10-20 min each)

Merete Eggesbø, Norwegian Institute of Public Health: Determinants of infant gut microbiota composition and child health

Gladys Thingstrup Mathieu, University of Copenhagen: Cohort establishment -project on infant gut motility


Power of Metagenomics

Johan Bengtsson-Palme, Chalmers University of Technology: Metagenomic analysis of a diverse variety of systems – benefits and limitations

Jessin Janice James Peter, University Hospital Oslo: Metagenomics for diagnostics

Eric de Muick, University of Oslo: Time series modelling of infant gut microbiota

Pål Trosvik, University of Oslo: Single-cell techniques for the human microbiome

Hanna Noordzij, Univerity of Oslo: Tracking mobilome and resistome of infant gut microbiota

Moran Yassour, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Strain level analysis


Functional omics and multi-omics integration

Veronika K. Pettersen (UiT): Absolute quantification methods

Henrik Munch Roager, University of Copenhagen: Production of aromatic lactic acids in the infant's gut by Bifidobacterium species

Veronika K. Pettersen (UiT): Metaproteomics and metabolomics characterisation of early life microbiome

Veronika K. Pettersen (UiT): Multi-omics integration approaches

Sebastian Krossa, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Practical aspects of multi-omics data

Kajsa Møllersen, UiT The Arctic University of Norway: Challenges when using statistical models