The scientific program centred around applied and theoretical aspects of time‐frequency analysis, and operator related function theory. Topics covered by the lectures were Signal Analysis, Pseudo‐differential operators, Spectral Function Theory, Harmonic analysis. The Abel Symposium brought together leading experts in these areas and presented the current state of the art and recent trends and activities. The symposium served as kickoff event for the CAS program.

The organizing committee consisted of Yurii Lyubarskii and Kristian Seip (NTNU) groupleader of the CAS research project Operator Related Function Theory and Time-Frequency Analysis. The scientific committee consisted of the following members: Karlheinz Gröchenig (University of Vienna), Michael T. Lacey (Georgia Institute of Technology), Joaquim Ortega‐Cerdà (University of Barcelona), and Mikhail Sodin (Tel‐Aviv University).

Speakers: Artur Avila (Paris), Ingrid Daubechies (Duke), László Erdős (Munich), Hans Feichtinger (Vienna), Stéphane Jaffard (Paris‐Est), Izabella Łaba (Vancouver), Nikolai Makarov (Caltech), Clément Mouhot (Cambridge), Alexander Olevskii (Tel Aviv), Alexei Poltoratski (Texas A&M), Eero Saksman (Helsinki), Eric Sawyer (Hamilton), Johannes Sjöstrand (Dijon), Sergei Treil (Providence), Yosef Yomdin (Rehovot).

The Abel Symposium was organized under the auspices of the Norwegian Mathematical Society and in part supported by the Niels Henrik Abel Memorial Fund.