All 21 Fellows of the CAS research project, Personal Development and Socio-Cultural Changemet for the first time in The Norwegian Academy of Arts and Science. The program was organized in four parts by Professors Hanne Haavind and Harriet Bjerrum Nielse. In Part I the Group Leaders Hanne Haavind and Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen introduced the project, followed by two commentaries – one from Jeanne Marecek and one from Rachel Thomson. Part II brought attention to conceptual and theoretical core ideas/key issues, with presentations from:

Helene Aarseth, Katrin Hjort, Jette Kofoed, Margareta Hydén, Anita Moe, Monica Rudberg and Cathy Urwin. In Part III Valerie Walkerdine, Ann Phoenix, Agnes Andenæs, Lynne Layton, Barrie Thorne and Mona‐Iren Hauge introduced the four themes that could define the work in the coming sessions throughout the year. Some presenters opened up for a discussion of the working process: Eva Magnusson, Aina Olsvold, Helen Lucey and Wendy Hollway.