Screening of:
Yolngu Homeland (2015)

Natasha Fijn
Department of Anthropology, Australian National University

Dr. Fijn will introduce and screen her own film Yolngu Homeland (2015), which lasts one hour, and there will be discussion afterwards.


Yolngu Homeland explores how a community in Arnhem Land, is connected with other beings - ancestors, animals and plants. Aboriginal people have lived in Arnhem Land for over 45,000 years. Over time they have developed a deep, spiritual connection with the land. Totemic beings of significance include the saltwater crocodile, crows, dogs, crabs, sea eagles, turtles, and yams. The film follows 'Yolngu time' where the pace is measured and not run according to the institutional timeframes of wider Australia. Garrthalala is a strong homeland community, where all ages venture out onto the coast and into the water to find food and to engage with the land. Three members of the community offer individual insights into different ways of being on Country.

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Organized by the CAS research group Artic Domestication in the era of the Anthropocene.

The seminar is open for everyone.