This seminar will bring together scholars who have worked with conflicts in medieval and modern societies. Our goal is to illuminate and discuss the role of conflicts in a variety of settings, and to ask whether medieval and modern conflicts – and societies – share some common characteristics. 


Session one: Conflict and (dis)order
1215-1230: Introduction by professor Vigdis Broch-Due, scientific director of CAS Oslo, and professor Jon Vidar Sigurdsson (chair)
1230-1300: Professor Henrik Vigh, København: Conflict and (dis)order in Guinea-Bissau
1300-1330: Professor Gerd Althoff, Münster: Conflict and (dis)order in
medieval Germany
1330-1410: discussion
1410-1445: break with coffee and cake

Session two: What is war? What is peace?
(chair professor Hans Jacob Orning)
1445-1515: Professor Øyvind Østerud, Oslo: What is war?
1515-1545: Ass Professor Jenny Benham, Cardiff: What is peace?
1545-1630: discussion and summing up

1630-1800: Wine reception