The CAS research group Time is Space: Unconscious Models and Conscious Acts organized informal seminars where group members and invited speakers presented work in progress. The seminars were open for “outsiders”, and colleagues from the University of Oslo were invited to attend:

  • Jan Ivar Bjørnflaten: “Predicative Participles in Russkaja Pravda” 
  • Julia Kuznetsova: “To Attach or to Add: How does a Russian Verb Choose the
  • Submeaning of a Prefix?”
  • Tore Nesset and Anastasia Makarova: “Variation and Locality: Suffix Shift and NU-
  • drop in Russian Conjugation”
  • Laura A. Janda and Olga Lyashevskaya: “Russian Prefix Variation as a Systematic
  • Phenomenon”