CAS workshop on “Fluid approaches to history ”.Oorganized by Terje Tvedt, groupleader of the CAS research project Understanding the Role of Water in History and Development.


  • Morten Stenak, senior advisor with the Heritage Agency of Denmark: Challenges in cultural heritage.
  • Justin Carter, an artist and lecturer in Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art: The Molendinar Project.
  • Terje Østigård: The topography of holy water in England after the Reformation.
  • Karen Syse: From use and abuse to pleasure and leisure: Rivers in early modern England.
  • Jill Payne, Assistant Professor and Lecturer in Environmental History, the University of Amherst, USA: Water and ‘Wilderness’: the British Construction of Scotland’s Wild Land before 1850.
  • Armando Lamadrid, Research Fellow, Water Project, CAS: Controlling the waters: The irrigation