The workshop was arranged by the CAS project Understanding Innovation.

It began with introductory presentations by Magnus Gulbrandsen and David Mowery. The remaining program may be summarized as follows:

(1) UI Relations: What do we know, where do we go? (with discussion led by Jan Fagerberg)

  • Ben Martin. UI relations in longer-term historical perspective – what’s new? and is it threatening?
  • Jerry Thursby (Georgia Institute of Technology). University Licensing – Implications for Faculty Research (with M. Thursby)
  • Francesco Lissoni (Universit√† Bocconi). Academic entrepreneurs – critical issues and lessons for Europe (with C. Franzoni)
  • Benoit Godin (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Montreal). The Place of Universities in Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies

(2) A broader picture of UI relations (with discussion led by Sjur Kasa)

  • Reijo Miettinen (University of Helsinki). Relation between commercialisation of research results, research and teaching
  • Mike Wright (Nottingham University Business School). The business school – Technology Transfer Office (TTO) relationship
  • Magnus Gulbrandsen. Research institutes and UI relations

(3) Interaction between universities and industry, recent empirical evidence (with discussion led by David Mowery)

  • Alice Lam (University of London). Work roles, careers and professional orientations of academic scientists in university-industry links
  • Maria-Theresa Larsen (Copenhagen Business School). Too close for comfort? The effect of university-industry collaboration on the scientific performance of university professors

(4) Academic patenting and its impacts (with discussion led by Magnus Gulbrandsen)

  • Jeannette Colyvas (Northwestern University). Measures, metrics, and myopia: the challenges and ramifications of sustaining academic entrepreneurship (with W. Powell)
  • Aldo Geuna (University of Sussex). The impact of academic patenting on university research and its transfer (with O. Babalola, G. Crespi and P. D’Este)
  • Marie Thursby (Georgia Institute of Technology). Inventor moral hazard in university licensing – the role of contracts (with E. Dechenaux and J. Thursby)

(5) Geography and industry perspectives on UI relations (with discussion led by Paul Nightingale)

  • Arvids Ziedonis (University of Michigan). The Geographic Reach of Market and Non-Market Channels of University Research Commercialization (with D. Mowery)
  • Rudi Bekkers (Eindhoven University of Technology). Analysing preferences for knowledge transfer channels between universities and industry: To what degree do sectors matter?
  • Pablo D’Este (University of Sussex). Gaining from interaction with university: multiple methods for building absorptive capacity (with K. Bishop)

(6) Entrepreneurial academics, new evidence (with discussion led by Ben Martin)

  • Janet Bercovitz (University of Illinois). The Quest for Better Relevance: building a better innovation team (with M. Feldman)
  • Andrea Bonaccorsi (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa). Tradeoffs between commercialisation and basic research/publishing are circumstantial and local
  • Waverly Ding (University of California – Berkeley). Divergent Paths or Stepping Stones: a comparison of scientists’ diversity and entrepreneurial activities (E. Choi)

The workshop was concluded with final remarks made by David Mowery and discussion led by Maryann Feldman.