Workshop organized by the CAS research project Understanding the Role of Water in History and Development, The Way the Rivers Run: World History and Changes in the Water Landscape.


  • Terje Tvedt: The way the Rivers Run. Some theoretical perspectives on nature-society relations.
  • Harvey Weiss: The development of the Euphrates/Tigris system and the Sumerian civilization; a water historical perspective.
  • Gregory L. Possehl: The Indus-civilization and Riverine History in Northwestern India and Pakistan.
  • Judith Bunbury: The development of the River Nile and the Egyptian civilization: a water historical perspective with focus on the First Intermediate Period.
  • Dan Penny: The Mekong river system and the end of the Angkor civilization; a water historical perspective.
  • Richardson B. Gil: The Great Maya Droughts.
  • Richard C. Hoffmann: Elemental Resources and Aquatic Ecosystems: Medieval Europeans and their Rivers.
  • Qiang Zhang: The history of the Yellow River and the development of China up to the 19th Century.
  • Fred H. Lawson: History of Nile flows and the development of Egypt up to the 19th century, from the coming of the Ottomans (1517) to the arrival of the British (1882).
  • Toon Bosch: History of Rhine flows and the development of the Netherlands and Germany in the 18th and early 19th centuries.
  • Richard Coopey: Britain’s River: The Economic and Cultural Impact of the Severn, 1750–1850.
  • Graham Chapman: The Ganges and Indus and the development of India up to the 20th century.