Atle Grønn

Title Associate Professor
Academic Institution University of Oslo
Academic department Department of Literature, Areas Studies and European Languages
Country Norway
Contact Information

CAS Publications

  • Grønn, A. and Sæbø, K. J. 2012. "A, The, Another: A Game of Same and Different", Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 21(1):75-91.

  • Grønn, A. and von Stechow, A. 2012. "Future vs. Present in Russian and English adjunct clauses", Scando-Slavica, 57(2):245-267.

  • Grønn, A. and von Stechow, A. 2012. "Adjuncts, attitudes and aspect: Some additions to a tense theory for Russian", in A. Grønn and A. Pazelskaya (eds.), The Russian Verb, Oslo Studies in Language 4(1):263-304.

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