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Christian Beyer

Title Professor
Academic Institution Universty of Göttingen
Country Germany
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Christian Beyer (*1968) studied philosophy, linguistics and the history of science in Bielefeld and Hamburg, where he also took his PhD (1999). He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University (1994-5), served as Temporary Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sheffield (2000) and as Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter at the University of Erfurt (2000-5), where he earned his Habilitation. In 2005 he was awarded a Heisenberg Scholarship of the German Research Foundation, and in 2007 he has been appointed as Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. He is the author of Von Bolzano zu Husserl (1996), Intentionalität und Referenz (2000), Subjektivität, Intersubjektivität, Personalität (2006) and co-editor of Philosophical Knowledge (2007), Edmund Husserl 1859-2009 (2011) and Content, Context, and Conversation (2014). His areas of research are in the philosophy language, philosophy of mind and personhood, epistemology, and Husserl in the context of analytic philosophy.