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Doug Bailey

Title Professor
Academic Institution San Francisco State University
Country USA

About fellow

Doug Bailey is Professor of Visual Archaeology in the Department of Anthropology at San Francisco State University. Doug 's graduate degrees are from Cambridge (MPhil and PhD in Archaeology) and his research has focused on European prehistory and the archaeology art and visual culture. He has led field projects in Romania and Bulgaria and published widely on the Neolithic of that region. In addition to his seminal work on prehistoric figurines (Prehistoric Figurines: Representation and Corporeality, Routledge, 2005), his more recent work challenges the ways that archaeologists present their arguments and their material, either through exhibition (Unearthed, Sainsbury Centre, 2010) or through visual media, where his recent “publications” replace textual argument with visual montage. Central to these efforts is art/archaeology, a new space beyond the boundaries of the disciplines of art history, of archaeology, and of art practice. His current book project (Breaking the Surface, for Oxford) explores this emerging extra-discipline and juxtaposes prehistoric archaeology with contemporary and modern art, philosophy, visual psychology, and linguistic anthropology.