Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Elena Ilkova Karagjosova

Title Dr.
Academic Institution University of Stuttgart
Academic department Department of Linguistics
Country Germany
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CAS Publications

  • Karagjosova, E. 2012. "On the Discourse Function of Particles in Post-initial Position", Adversativity and Additivity, Special issue of Lingua, 122 (15):1819-1842.

  • Jasinskaja, K. and Karagjosova, E. 2011. "Elaboration and Explanation", Proceedings of Constraints in Discourse IV, September 14-16, Agay-Roches Rouges, Var, France.

  • Karagjosova, E. 2012. "Conjunct adverb doch and the notion of contrast.", Linguistics 50(1).

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