Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Finnur Larusson

Title Professor
Academic Institution University of Adelaide
Academic department School of Mathematical Sciences
Country Australia
Disciplines Pure Mathematics
Area(s) of Expertise complex analysis, complex geometry, Oka theory, pluripotential theory, homotopy theory

About fellow

Finnur Larusson works in geometric complex analysis. Over the past several years, his research has focused on Oka theory, a recently emerged subfield that deals with a strong interplay between complex analysis and topology in a geometric setting. He has worked on fundamental questions in Oka theory, in particular its abstract homotopy-theoretic aspects.  He has also worked on some of the growing number of connections of Oka theory with other fields of mathematics. In joint work with Franc Forstneric, he has studied Oka properties of infinite-dimensional groups of automorphisms of affine spaces.  They have also used concepts and methods from Oka theory to determine the rough shape of certain infinite-dimensional spaces of maps that arise in minimal surface theory. Richard Larkang and Larusson have made the first study of Oka theory for singular targets and in the process brought together Oka theory and the theory of affine toric varieties. In joint work with Frank Kutzschebauch and Gerald Schwarz, Larusson has contributed to equivariant Oka theory with applications to the linearisation problem for holomorphic actions of reductive groups on affine spaces.

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