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Han Peters

Title Associate Professor
Academic Institution University of Amsterdam
Country Netherlands
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About fellow

Han Peters received his PhD in 2005 from the University of Michigan, under the supervision of John Erik Fornaess. He has since held postdocteral positions at the University of Wisconsin (2005-2008) and at Stony Brook University (2008-2009). Since 2009 he is permanently employed at the University of Amsterdam as an assistant professor.

His research lies in the field of holomorphic dynamical systems. For the past 7 years he has been primarily focused on the description of Fatou components in two complex variables.

His two best papers lie in this direction. In joint work with Misha Lyubich (published in GAFA, 2014) he has completed the classification of periodic Fatou components of substantially dissipative Henon maps. More recently Peters constructed two-dimensional polynomial maps with wandering Fatou components, in collaboration with Astorg, Buff, Dujardin and Raissy (to appear in Annals Math).

Besides his work in complex dynamical systems he has been active in CR geometry and in hamiltonian dynamics, and has recently been involved in applications of mathematics to theoretical biology.

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