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Hans-Joachim Werner

Title Professor
Academic Institution University of Stuttgart
Academic department Institute for Theoretical Chemistry
Country Germany
Disciplines Theoretical Chemistry
Area(s) of Expertise Electron correlation coupled-cluster theory multi-reference methods local correlation

About fellow

Hans-Joachim Werner is the director of the Institute of Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He has made significant contributions in various fields of Theoretical Chemistry, for example coupled-cluster theory, multireference perturbation theory and configuration interaction, local correlation, explicitly correlated methods, analytical energy gradients, theoretical spectroscopy, photodissociation processes, inelastic and reactive scattering processes, and non-adiabatic effects in reactive quantum dynamics. He is the main author of the Molpro quantum chemistry program. Werrner has received several high-level awards, amoung these the Max-Planck Award for International Collaboration (1996), the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Award of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (2000), and an ERC Advanced Grant (2012). He has published about 300 papers (h-Index 83) and is elected member of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science as well as correspondence member of the Academy of Sciences, Göttingen. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Stuttgart (2006-2012) and Vice President of the University of Stuttgart (2012-2015)

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