Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Hein B. Bjerck

Title Professor
Academic Institution Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Academic department NTNU University Museum, The Department of Archaeology and Cultural History (SAK)
Country Norway

About fellow

Hein B. Bjerck is head of NTNU’s study program in archaeology. Besides contemporary archaeology, his is main academic focus is Stone Age studies - ranging from lithic traditions, phenomenological perspectives on cave paintings to international studies of early human-sea relation and colonization processes in seascapes. He is the leader of “Marine Ventures” – a comparative study of marine foragers in the seascapes of Scandinavia and Argentinean Patagonia. His interests in the recent past departs from his time as Cultural Heritage Officer at the Governor of Svalbard in 1996-1999, where he was involved in managing modern ruins – derelict settlements, mining enterprises, base camps from scientific expeditions. This interest was nourished along with art photographer Elin Andreassen and Bjørnar Olsen in the Pyramiden project that produced the book “Persistent Memories – a Soviet mining town in the High Arctic» (2010). He was a member of Olsen’s Ruin Memories project, where he contributed with a close-up study of the home of his deceased father, “My Father’s Things” (Ruin Memories anthology, 2014), “Back in Pyramiden” and “Managing the scars of terror” about the material remains from the 22. July terror in Oslo (http://objectmatters.ruinmemories.org/). His main interest is material memory in small, intimate, and personal things.