Jessica Aschemann-Witzel

Title Associate Professor
Academic Institution Aarhus University
Academic department School of Business and Social Sciences
Country Denmark
Contact Information

CAS Publications

  • Aschemann-Witzel, J. 2015. "Consumer perception and trends about health and sustainability: trade-offs and synergies of two pivotal issues", Current Opinion in Food Science, 3:6-10.

  • Aschemann-Witzel, J. 2015. "Influence of ‘soft’ versus ‘scientific’ health information framing and contradictory information on consumers’ health inferences and attitudes towards a food supplement", Food Quality and Preference, 42:90-99.

  • Aschemann-Witzel, J. 2015. "Resveratrol food supplements: a survey on the role of individual consumer characteristics in predicting the attitudes and adoption intentions of US American and Danish respondents", BMC Public Health, 15:110 

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