Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Kristin Aunan

Title Professor
Academic Institution University of Oslo
Country Norway
Contact Information +4799005269

About fellow

In her research, Kristin Aunan addresses the impacts on human health caused by emission of air pollutants. The geographical focus of her research is China, where she has been engaged in research and capacity building since the late 1990s. A main interest is the interlinkage between climate policies and air pollution policies, and the potential ‘co-benefits’ and trade-offs between the two. She is particularly interested in the exposure to air pollution caused by solid fuel burning in people’s homes and the importance of this source compared to exposure to outdoor pollution across population groups, and warns that a potentially important source of exposure and ill health is being neglected in air pollution policies. In the Airborne project, a field study of indoor and outdoor exposure to air pollution is carried out, in conjunction with a survey of fuel use, stove types and other potential determinants of exposure. Time-activity patterns of respondents, together with pollution estimates for indoor and outdoor environments are applied to establish what she denotes the ‘integrated exposure’. Aunan’s main position is at CICERO (Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo). She also has a joint appointment as Professor at the Department of Chemistry, UiO.