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Marit Westergaard

Westergaard, Marit

Title Professor
Academic Institution UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)
Academic department Department of Language and Culture
Country Norway
Contact Information +4799712171 https://site.uit.no/maritwestergaard/
Disciplines Linguistics
Area(s) of Expertise First, second/third & bilingual language acquisition, heritage language/language attrition, syntactic variation, diachronic change, com­parative syntax, word order, nominal structure (grammatical gender, definiteness, possessives), English, Norwegian, Russian, German

About fellow

Marit Westergaard is Professor of English Linguistics at UiT The Arctic University of Norway and holds a 20% adjunct professorship at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She is also the leader of the LAVA/AcqVA research groups (Language Acquisition, Variation & Attrition). She has published widely in first as well as second/third language acquisition, multilingualism in children and adults, and diachronic change, mainly focusing on linguistic properties such as word order and grammatical gender.

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