Marla B. Sokolowski

Title Professor
Academic Institution University of Toronto
Academic department Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Country Canada
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CAS Publications

  • Hou, N., Armstrong, G., Chakraborty-Chatterjee, M., Sokolowski, M.B., Robertson, R.M. 2014. "Na+/K+-ATPase trafficking induced by heat shock pretreatment correlates with increased resistance to anoxia in locusts", Journal of Neurophysiology, 112:814-823.

  • Jonas, W., Mileva-Seitz, V., Webb Girard, A., Bisceglia, R., Kennedy, J.L., Sokolowski, M., Meaney, M.J., Fleming, A.S., Steiner, M. 2013. "Genetic variation in oxytocin rs2740210 and early adversity associated with postpartum depression and breastfeeding duration", Genes, Brain and Behaviour. 12:681-694.

  • O'donnell, K.A., Gaudreau, H., Colalillo, S., Steiner, M., Atkinson, L., Moss, E., Goldberg, S., Karama, S., Matthews, S.G., Lydon, J.E., Silveira, P.P., Wazana, A.D., Levitan, R.D., Sokolowski, M.B., Kennedy, J.L., Fleming, A., Meaney, M.J.; MAVAN Research Team. 2014. "The maternal adversity, vulnerability and neurodevelopment project: theory and methodology", Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 59;497-508. 

  • Silveira, P.P., Portella, A.K., Kennedy, J.L., Gaudreau, H., Davis, C., Steiner, M., Soares, C.N., Matthews, S.G., Sokolowski, M.B., DubĂ©, L., Loucks, E.B., Hamilton, J., Meaney, M.J., Levitan, R.D.; on behalf of the MAVAN Study Team. 2014. "Association between the seven-repeat allele of the dopamine-4 receptor gene (DRD4) and spontaneous food intake in pre-school children", Appetite, 73:15-22.

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