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Natasha Fijn

Title Postdoctoral Fellow
Academic Institution Australian National University
Academic department Department of Anthropology
Country Australia
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About fellow

Natasha Fijn has a background in anthropology and animal behaviour, informing her approach to the concepts and theories surrounding domestication. Her previous research focused on the social relationship between herders and their herd animals within hybrid, multispecies communities in the Khangai Mountains of Mongolia. She published a monograph based on this research, ‘Living with Herds: human-animal coexistence in Mongolia’, with Cambridge University Press in 2011. More recently, her research has focused on Yolngu and their connections with significant totemic species in Arnhem Land, Australia. Both field locations allow for comparisons between different ontologies and ways of life with other beings. Natasha previously considered domestication from a contemporary, social and biological anthropological perspective but her more recent work incorporates historic settler and ethnographic accounts of domestic animals. Her work continues to question the epistemological divide between nature versus culture, domestic versus wild and human versus animal.

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