Paul Rozin

Title Professor
Academic Institution University of Pennsylvania
Academic department Department of Psychology
Country United States of America
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CAS Publications

  • Piazza, J., Goodwin, G. P., Rozin, P., Royzman, E. 2014. "When a Virtue is Not a Virtue: Conditional Virtues in Moral Evaluation", Social Cognition, 32:528-558.

  • Prescott, J., & Rozin, P. 2015. "Sweet preference", in D. Goldstein (ed.), Oxford Handbook of Sweetness, Oxford: Oxford University Press

  • Rozin, P. 2015. "Psychology of Disgust", International encyclopedia of the behavioral sciences, 6:546-549.

  • Rozin, P., Haddad, B., Nemeroff, C.& Slovic, P. 2015. "Psychological aspects of the rejection of recycled water: Contamination, purification and disgust" Judgment & Decision Making, 10:50-63. 

  • Rozin, P., Scott, S., Zickgraf, H., Ahn, F., & Jiang, C-C. 2014. "Asymmetrical Social Mach Bands: Exaggeration of Social Identities on the More Esteemed Side of Group Borders", Psychological Science, 25:1955-1959.

  • Rozin, P., & Ruby, M. R. 2014. "Skal vi bide tilbage?", Momentum, 4:18-20. 

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