Regine Eckardt

Title Professor
Academic Institution University of Göttingen
Country Germany
Contact Information

CAS Publications

  • Eckardt, R. and Fränkel, M. 2012. "Maximise Presupposition and Discourse Management"  Adversativity and Additivity, Special issue of Lingua, 122 (15):1801-1818.

  • Eckhardt, R. 2011. "Hands-up Imperatives", in I. Reich, E. Hoch and D. Pauly (eds.), Sinn und Bedeutung 15. Proceedings. Universaar - Saarland University Press, 209-223. 

  • Eckhardt, R. 2012. "Hereby explained", Linguistics and philosophy, 35:21-55.

  • Eckardt, R. 2015. The Semantics of Free Indirect Discourse. How Texts allow us to Mind-read and Eavesdrop. Brill,Leiden/Boston. 

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