Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Richard Bischof

Title Research Fellow
Academic Institution Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
Academic department Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management
Country Norway
Contact Information
Disciplines biology

About fellow

Richard Bischof is a wildlife ecologist, working at the interface between science and its application to wildlife management and conservation. Anthropogenic impacts on earth are staggering, making ours a truly human-dominated planet. In the face of pervasive human-caused change and influence, it is not surprising that much of today's applied ecological research, including mine, focuses on either understanding the magnitude and mechanism of such effects or learning how to mitigate them. After completing his masters (University of Nebraska), he worked as a wildlife manager and research manager in the USA and Pacific Oceania. During his PhD, Bischof studied the impacts of hunting on wildlife populations, with a focus on the brown bear in Scandinavia. Most recently, Bischof has been using non-invasive methods such as genetic sampling and camera trapping to study wildlife in Scandinavia and in the mountains of northern Pakistan. The resulting data yield a wealth of information about abundance, population dynamics and species interactions, all of which are now under anthropogenic influence.

CAS Project


  • Being at CAS is very stimulating: new people, new projects, new ideas and there are new connections that are being made.