Terje Stordalen

Title Professor
Academic Institution University of Oslo
Academic department Faculty of Theology
Country Norway
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CAS Publications

  • ├śkland, J., Stordalen, T. 2014. “Canon, Canonicity, Canonization”, in J. O'Brian (ed.), Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Gender Studies, Volume 1, Oxford: Oxford University Press. 

  • Stordalen, T. 2014. “Dialogism, Monologism, and Cultural Literacy: Classical Hebrew Literature and Readers' Epistemic Paradigms.”, The Bible and Critical Theory, 10(1): 1-19. 

  • Stordalen, T. 2015. "Heshbon – The History of a Biblical Memory", in R. I. Thelle, T. Stordalen, M. E. J. Richardson (eds.), New Perspectives on Old Testament Prophecy and History: Essays in Honour of Hans M. Barstad, Leiden: Brill. 

  • Stordalen, T. 2015. "The Canonical Taming of Job", in J. Jarrick (ed.), Perspectives on Israelite Wisdom: Proceedings of the Oxford Old Testament Seminar, London: Bloomsbury. 

  • Stordalen, T. 2015. “Horse Statues in Seventh Century Jerusalem: Ancient Social Formations and the Evaluation of Religious Diversity.", Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel, 4(1):106–132.

  • T. Stordalen, and S. A. Naguib. 2015. The Formative Past and the Formation of the Future: Collective Remembering and Identity Formation. Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture, Oslo: Novus.

  • Stordalen, T., Naguib, S. A. 2015. "Time, Media, Space: Perspectives on the Ecology of Collective Remembering", in T. Stordalen, S. A. Naguib (eds.), The Formative Past, Oslo: Novus. 

  • Stordalen, T. 2015. "Canon and Canonical Commentary: Comparative Perspectives on Canonical Ecologies", in T. Stordalen and S.-A. Naguib (eds.), The Formative Past, Oslo: Novus. 

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  • Stordalen, T. 2014. "Imagined and Forgotten Communities: Othering in the Story of Josiah’s Reform (2 Kings 23)", in E. Ben Zvi and D. Edelman (eds.), Imagining the Other and Constructing Israelite Identity in the Early Second Temple Period, London: Bloomsbury. 

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