Thorstein Fretheim

Title Professor
Academic Institution Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Academic department Department of Language and Literature
Country Norway
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CAS Publications

  • Fretheim, T. 2011. "Hva slags semantisk rolle spiller den beskrivende delen av en nominalfrase?", Norsk filosofisk tidsskrift 46:34-48.

  • Fretheim, T. 2011. "Description as indication: the use of conceptual meaning for a procedural purpose.", in V. Escandell-Vidal, M. Leonetti and A. Ahern (reds.), Procedural Meaning: Problems and Perspectives, Bingley UK: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. 

  • Fretheim, T. 2011. "Remarsk on the information structure of equative sentences.", in K. Korta and M. Ponte (eds.), Semantics, Pragmatics and Rhetoric, Bilbao: University of the Basque Country Press. 

  • Fretheim, T. 2012. "Relevance Theory and Direct Reference Philosophy: a suitable match?", in E. Walaszewska and A. Piskorska (eds.), Relevance Theory: more than understanding, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 

  • Fretheim, T. 2012. "Token-reflexive, anaphoric and deictic functions of 'here'", Nordic Journal of Linguistics, 34(3):239-294. 

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