Centre for Advanced Study

at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Thorstein Fretheim

Title Professor
Academic Institution Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Academic department Department of Language and Literature
Country Norway
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CAS Publications

  • Fretheim, T. 2011. "Hva slags semantisk rolle spiller den beskrivende delen av en nominalfrase?", Norsk filosofisk tidsskrift 46:34-48.

  • Fretheim, T. 2011. "Description as indication: the use of conceptual meaning for a procedural purpose.", in V. Escandell-Vidal, M. Leonetti and A. Ahern (reds.), Procedural Meaning: Problems and Perspectives, Bingley UK: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. 

  • Fretheim, T. 2011. "Remarsk on the information structure of equative sentences.", in K. Korta and M. Ponte (eds.), Semantics, Pragmatics and Rhetoric, Bilbao: University of the Basque Country Press. 

  • Fretheim, T. 2012. "Relevance Theory and Direct Reference Philosophy: a suitable match?", in E. Walaszewska and A. Piskorska (eds.), Relevance Theory: more than understanding, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 

  • Fretheim, T. 2012. "Token-reflexive, anaphoric and deictic functions of 'here'", Nordic Journal of Linguistics, 34(3):239-294. 

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