On October 9th, there was a conference in Oslo, Ancient Happiness. This was a conference with relatively few papers, a commentator to each and ample room for discussion, of which there was plenty.

  • Robert Bolton: Scepticism and eudaimonia.
  • Comment: Miira Tuominen.
  • Jakob Fink: Lecturing on eudaimonia - the perigraphe-structure of the
  • Nicomachean Ethics
  • Comment: Gösta Grönroos
  • Julia Annas: Plato’s Laws and Cicero’s De Legibus.
  • Comment: Håvard Løkke
  • Terence Irwin: What kind of moral philosophy rests on a mistake?
  • Comment: Øyvind Rabbås
  • Svavar Hrafn Svavarsson: Two kinds of tranquillity in Sextus Empiricus.
  • Comment: Julia Annas
  • Eyjólfur K. Emilsson: Happiness, life and time in some ancient philosophers.
  • Comment: Alexandrine Schniewind.

Organized by Professors Øivind Andersen and Eyjólfur Kjalar Emilsson, groupleaders of the CAS research project Ethics in Antiquity: The Quest for the Good Life.