CAS  project After Discourse: Things, Archaeology, and Heritage in the 21st Century welcomes you to this open lecture at Litteraturhuset in Oslo.

Robert MacFarlane

About author Robert MacFarlane 


Robert MacFarlane (b. 1976) is a British author and scholar.  Macfarlane’s bestselling and awardwinning works include Mountains of the Mind(2003), The Wild Places (2007), The Old Ways (2012) and Landmarks (2015). His books have been adapted into documentary films and radio series, and chosen as books of the year by a wide range of literary critics. MacFarlane has twice judged the Booker Prize, he has collaborated widely with artists and musicians, and even written the libretto for a jazz opera set in a nuclear weapons test site. 

Dr. Robert MacFarlane is currently a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and teaches in the Faculty of English at Cambridge University.

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